How far is too far? Should Nak Muay be using their skills to batter uneducated street thugs? What about when it’s a Kru or Ajarn?

The art of eight limbs, Muay Thai, is all about respect. Becoming a global sensation when westerners like Ramon Dekkers helped bring the sport in to the limelight, the Thai people revere fighters who bring Muay Thai on to the world stage.

As mentioned, the image of Muay Thai is that of a respectable and clean sport, but also of hard work. Which is why it’s sometimes sad to see people use the martial art for negative means.

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The challenge of a fight to a martial artist is a complex one. On the one hand, a noble and brave martial artist will never back down from a fight, but then you have to consider where the offer of a fight is coming from.

If it’s a fellow martial artist, then surely a showdown can be equal and fair, but what if it’s just a macho-martial arts wannabe, or some drunken street thug trying to prove his toughness?

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What if you were training at your local Muay Thai gym and someone challenged you to a fight, but you knew how easily you could knock them out? Would you do it, or would you take the higher road?

With pressure from your peers, or maybe even the antagonist themselves, some may accept the challenge but go easy. Others, as are the subject of today’s article, will look to prove a point, no matter how wrong it is.

When accepting a Muay Thai challenge, one should know their own limitations, but also be respectful and cautious of the opponent’s, especially if they can’t scrap a lick.

*FAIR WARNING* The final video of this article may shock our more sensitive readers.

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