John Castaneda made a success in his last bout at UFC 295 by defeating Kyung Ho Kang. Now, Sexi Mexi already has an idea of who he would like to fight next: Adrian Yanez.

His bout against Kang is his second for 2023. This latest win follows another win he made against Muin Gafurov in June, making his record 21-6-0. With his latest achievement, the fighter is also hoping to get a match against ranked fighters. Yet, for him, the perfect pick for his next fight would be Yanez.

“I won four out of my last (five) fights. I feel like I’m at least due for – put me in the conversation for a top-15 guy. I’m always analyzing the top 15 guys, especially 10 through to 15,” Castaneda said during the post-fight press conference. “Stylistically, I feel like I match up well against them, a lot of them. I’m not one to call people out, but if I were to call somebody out, I really, really would love a fight with Adrian Yanez. Not because it’s like a disrespect thing, but stylistically I think we can put on a banger. Absolutely.”

The callout is a part of Sexi Mexi’s plan to boost the number of his fights next year. Despite his successes this year, it was limited to two, which was the same number he got in 2022. In 2020 and 2021, the fighters were only given one for each. In 2024, Castaneda hopes to bring the number up to three.

“I want to have at least three fights next year, minimum,” Castaneda said.

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