Conor McGregor scored a HUGE knockout against Jose Aldo at UFC 194, but UFC lightweight Donald Cerrone is not impressed at all, in fact, he’s angry as hell…

UFC 194 was about as big an event as the promotion will ever put on. Their biggest star Conor McGregor faced Jose Aldo in the long awaited featherweight unification main event, and it was a highly unexpected finish.


In the initial stages of the fight McGregor connected with a picture perfect left hand while moving backwards. ‘Scarfac’ went down, and stayed down, as the Irish sensation completed his rise to the top with a stone cold 13-second knockout.

YouTube video

The moments after McGregor’s historic win were filled with elation for the Irish star and his team, but also for deep sadness for the former champion. The Brazilian knockout artist, so used to being the one delivering the punishment, was clearly crushed by the loss.

The following reaction cam footage from Aldo’s corner is heartbreaking.

YouTube video

For McGregor, it’s on to bigger and better things. The obvious talk of moving up to lightweight is now on the cards, and there’s a legitimate contender in Frankie Edgar to fight should he remain at 145-pounds.

But there have been some negative reactions to McGregor’s huge KO win, one of which comes from popular UFC lightweight Donald Cerrone.

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