Conor McGregor vs Georges St-Pierre — now that’s surely an intriguing matchup, isn’t it? The prospect of having the most popular UFC fighter by far in recent memory taking on a legend like GSP is truly mouthwatering.

With GSP set to return against Michael Bisping though, fans are wondering what he’ll look like in the Octagon after years away from competition. If GSP can come back and look fantastic, it would open up the possibility of a superfight with McGregor in the future.

There are those, of course, with a difference in opinion. Some believe McGregor would totally destroy GSP at this stage, while others believe GSP still has what it takes to dominate the game.


Former UFC women’s bantamweight champ Miesha Tate was recently on Sirius XM, and she gave her take on the matter…

Tate sounded off on why she thinks Conor McGregor would hands down beat GSP.

“Conor McGregor, I’ve underestimated the guy a number of times, thinking he wasn’t going to win some of the fights that he won and he did it,” said Tate.

“The man (McGregor) is truly in a league of his own. When it comes to his game planning, when it comes to his trash talking, when it comes to getting inside people’s heads, nobody does it better than Conor McGregor. I think the speed favors him, I think he has great striking and I think the fact that GSP’s been out for so long. People haven’t quite figured it out but there’s something, an element that Conor McGregor adds that’s not just his skillset. He gets inside people’s heads and he ruins them before they even step inside the octagon. He’s evolving, he’s very athletic, he’s heavy handed. I think he could knock out a lot of guys bigger than him. Look how well he did against Mayweather. I was so impressed with how he did there. I thought he was gonna lose that fight handily and he hung in there tough.”

Tate is obviously on the Conor McGregor hype train. And for good reason. The Irishman has certainly impressed in the last couple of years. Today he’s the UFC’s biggest star.

Matt Brown thinks GSP would beat McGregor pretty easily, even at 36…

And this is even taking into consideration that GSP has not been in the Octagon since 2013.

“I think (Georges) would probably beat Conor pretty easily, I don’t see any reason why Conor would take that fight personally,” said Brown on The TSN MMA Show with Aaron Bronsteter. “I don’t think he’d have any problem taking Conor down and pounding him out.”

“That’s what a lot of Conor’s shtick is now, moving up in weight, going over to boxing and fighting, he has nothing to lose.

“I’d like to see him go back and defend his freaking title, defend a title once, ever. It’s nothing against Conor, I’m happy for what he’s done, but I’m never going to put him up on these (all-time) great lists that people like to put him on until he at least defends the title once.”

So there you have it. Do you guys agree with Miesha or Matt on this one? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. Definitely with Matt Brown on this one. GSP’s take downs, coupled with his size advantage, would be a nightmare for Conor.

    • I agree with everything you said, except size!!. GSP would undoubtedly put on a take down clinic. 5 straight rounds of Conor realizing how piss poor his TD defense really is

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