Jul 14, 2017; London, United Kingdom; Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather face off during a world tour press conference to promote the upcoming Mayweather vs McGregor boxing fight at SSE Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

‘Money’ Shows That He Has a Sense of Humor… As He Epically Trolls Conor McGregor at His Gym in Los Angeles…

First and foremost, Floyd Mayweather is a businessman. It’s all about making dollars. That’s why they call him ‘Money.’ It’s not that difficult to understand really. He’s the top athlete on Forbes’ Rich List, making $200 million from his last fight against Conor McGregor, in what was basically a boxing exhibition match.

That was Mayweather’s final fight. He retired after bringing his record to 50-0. That incredible record arguably makes him the best boxer of the twentieth century, and possibly the best defensive fighter of all time.

He’s not ready to let the world forget that he schooled McGregor in the “Money Fight.” Mayweather has just opened his new flagship gym in Los Angeles, and he’s served up an epic reminder of the past that may stop the Irishman ever passing through its doors. It’s top trolling.



In case you’ve forgotten, ‘Money’ defeated McGregor by 10th round stoppage, after the referee intervened. Just in case anybody has forgotten about his TKO win, Mayweather has decided to name a boxing hand combination after the ‘Notorious,’ as you can see above. Called the McGregor KO, it goes like this:

“Jab – Right Hand – Jab – Double Right Hand – Left Hook – Left Hook – Right Hand.”

I promise I haven’t been practicing.


New Business

This is all part of Mayweather’s plans to take over America and then the world. No seriously. The new gym in LA is set to be the flagship of over 500 gyms worldwide. Mayweather explained to ESPN:

“We hope to have 250 gyms in the U.S. and 250 gyms internationally in the next three to five years. This comes from me wanting to give back. I want to see people look good, and I’ve seen so many people go to gyms and not be happy with what they are doing.”

Woah. That’s a lot of gyms. Boxing fitness gyms are on a massive rise. Rumble is an obvious one that’s spreading across the US. Meanwhile, the UFC is also opening up gyms all across North America, and expanding into Europe.


Money Money Money

Don’t be surprised that Mayweather is making this massive business push. It’s believed that the main reason he took the fight against McGregor was that he was almost bankrupt due to his extravagant spending. As his arch-nemesis, 50 Cent has warned him, if he stops boxing, then the money stops too.

He’ll be hoping that his business ventures – his gyms and strip club, Girl Collection – will be enough to keep him afloat and able to continue living his ridiculous lifestyle. At the end of the day, he does what he wants. Money talks. If you want to open your own Mayweather fitness franchise, you can follow the link above on his Instagram. It’s a real thing. Honest.

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