Jon Jones Has Crushed Daniel Cormier’s Dreams Again… But This Time on Twitter… 

The last time we saw Jon Jones in action he had just become the first fighter to knock Daniel Cormier unconscious, with an absolutely violent shin kick to the head. It was supposed to be the culmination of a toxic grudge between arguably the two most bitter rivals in the short history of MMA.

Of course, Jones would afterward be stripped of his light-heavyweight title for an insane third time, after testing positive for Turinabol, an anabolic steroid. This resulted in DC being reinstated as champion, while ‘Bones’ sits on the sidelines as he deals with a USADA ban.

Now it gets interesting because Cormier will fight Stipe Miocic in July, at UFC 226, on Sunday, July 8. This has raised the question: if Cormier beats Stipe, will he be regarded as the greatest of all time? Not that surprisingly, Jones doesn’t think so.

Jon Jones fights Daniel Cormier. Mandatory Credit: Gary Vasquez, USA TODAY Sports.


It all started after a promotional video for UFC 226 saw Daniel Cormier discussing his potential GOAT status. In the video, he discusses his age, experience, and elite performances over young opponents. He says:

“I’m 39 years old and still getting my hand raised. So yes, put me in that conversation.”

Boom. Of course, whether he deserves it or not, the shadow of Jon Jones will always hang over the career of Daniel Cormier. Is it fair, especially since Jones has tested positive, not once but twice, for banned substances in the past? No, of course, it isn’t. But that’s MMA for you.

Jones’s Response

Needless to say, Jones’s response to Cormier’s sentiments was short, sweet, and savage. He just went for the jugular, asking the former Olympian:

“What have you done for me recently? Let’s be real and stop asking this question.”

Ouch. That’s just mean. But seriously, and this isn’t intended as hate towards Jones, can a man who has been cited twice for doping offenses ever be considered as a GOAT in any combat sport? Surely, as soon as you test positive, your entire career is tarnished and thrown into doubt? At least DC has always fought clean. That’s something to be proud of.


If there’s one thing Jones has always done well, it’s controversial. He’s been involved in a hit-and-run with a pregnant woman, taken cocaine, and repeatedly poked opponents in their eyes. It’s a shame that his legacy has been tarnished. We’re also talking about the first MMA fighter to get an individual sponsorship from Nike. That’s his level.

However, Jones could be making his return relatively soon. It’s all very secretive, but it seems likely that it will be the end of this year. All that needs to be figured out is what division will he fight in, and who will his next opponent be.

If he sticks at light-heavyweight then Alexander Gustafsson is most likely, as he just can’t walk into a title shot straight away. However, if he moves up to heavyweight, suddenly it gets more exciting. Brock Lesnar has been mooted as a potential return fight. Imagine though if DC beats Miocic and Jones gets the heavyweight title shot. Boom.

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