Nate Diaz and Khabib Nurmagamedov Are Not the Best of Friends… The Two Men Have Had Multiple Encounters in the Past… Check Out Diaz’s Latest Message to the Lightweight Champion of the World…

Khabib Nurmagamedov is one of the most intense and intimidating fighters on the planet. His dead-eyed stare, combined with his unbeaten record of 27-0 makes him one of the stand-out fighters on the roster. Many fighters are already beaten before they step into the cage because his aura is just that invincible. He doesn’t need to trash talk. ‘The Eagle’ just mauls.

Of course, Nate Diaz isn’t the regular fighter. He’s apparently totally immune to mind games and seems like the type of guy who’d goad a starving rottweiler just to see what would happen. In his high-profile rivalry with Conor McGregor, the insults just bounced off of him, making him arguably the Irishman’s most balanced opponent.

Diaz also doesn’t like Khabib Nurmagamedov. The pair have had multiple encounters in the past, that kicked off at a brawl at a World Series of Fighting Event back in 2015. They go back and forth on social media now and again, and Diaz has blasted the Russian yet again. Check out the tweet below.


As you can see from the image above, Khabib is with some of his teammates in a bath. Diaz took aim at the Russian’s root martial art of Sambo. Sambo is a style of wrestling that comes in two forms. Sport Sambo is effectively wrestling, focusing on groundwork, throwing and submissions, the basis of Khabib’s MMA style. Combat Sambo is far more savage, as it also incorporates striking, including groin attacks and headbutts.

Khabib is a former national champion. His father Abdulmanap is the president of the Russian Sambo Federation, so it’s a big part of his family. He probably won’t appreciate Diaz trying to emasculate his sport, especially as he’s a devout Muslim.

YouTube video


From the footage above you can see the incident which caused these two men to fall dramatically apart in the first place. It took place at WSOF 22 in Las Vegas, back in 2015, with members of both men’s teams competing on the night. The wounds caused on that night have never healed between the two camps.

Nurmagamedov and Diaz ironically share the fact that they are intensely loyal to their friends and families. Khabib has famously paid $500,000 for two of his teammates who were fined by the Nevada Athletic Commission for their roles in the UFC 229 brawl.

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.


Another thing that they both share is that their competitive futures remain very muddied. Khabib has said that he will refuse to fight until the end of the year because of the length of his teammate’s suspensions. However, he would have been prepared to put that to one side for a fight with Georges St. Pierre. That is out of the question now though.

Diaz has been linked to several comebacks. He had agreed on a deal to fight Dustin Poirier at UFC 230, however, that began to fall apart when Diaz got angry with the UFC over their promotion. Then when ‘The Diamond’ got injured, it totally eradicated the chance of them fighting. We’ve heard nothing solid since about a potential return.

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