Michelle Waterson Might be Called the Karate Hottie, But Make No Mistake… She’s an Absolute Savage… Her Latest Instagram Pictures Show That She’s Entering Beast Mode… 

Michelle Waterson has to be one of the most marketable fighters on the UFC roster today. With her pearlescent smile, the former model has established a fanatically loyal fanbase who hope that one day she will succeed in her quest to become the first mother to win a UFC title.

‘The Karate Hottie’ first rose to prominence under the Invicta banner, where she was the atomweight champion. When she signed for the world’s biggest MMA promotion, she was forced to move up a weight class to strawweight, where she has established herself as a top veteran despite her size disadvantage.

Waterson is set to take on ‘The Polish Princess’ Karolina Kowalkiewicz in Philidelphia on March 30. She has clearly left no stone unturned, and we mean that literally because her legs are ridiculously muscular right now.

Screenshot: Instagram.

Beast Mode

As you can see, Waterson’s thighs are absolutely monstrous right now. She’d put most men to shame and it’s no surprise because she tends to use a lot of side-kicks in her game for distance control. A win against Kowalkiewicz would more than likely put her in touching distance of a title shot. She wrote:

“Woke up this morning at 123.2 and I’m feeling strong! My camp has been amazing. I’ve had great training, conditioning, nutrition and recovery! It really does take an entire team. Thank you @teamturningpoint @eatfitabq@dranita.jwnutrition @cbdistillery_ I have been working on putting together a Instagram page dedicated to all things fitness. If you’re intrested please give it a follow at @michellewatersonfitness.”

Screenshot: Instagram.


The Karate Hottie might be ready for battle, but so is Karolina Kowalciewicz for what is probably the most important fight of her career so far. In her last appearance, she was almost decapitated by Jessica Andrade. She needs this win if she wants to get another title shot. The Polish fighter already has a win over current reigning champion Rose Namajunas, who will fight Jessica Andrade in Brazil.

But Waterson needs this win as well. She’s had a few setbacks in her UFC career, and while her place on the roster is definitely safe, she wants to challenge and not just be relegated to gatekeeper status. While her skill level and fight IQ is unquestionable, her lack of physicality is likely to cost her against someone like Tatiana Suarez.

Screenshot: Instagram.


There’s absolutely no doubt about the fact that strawweight is the most competitive division right now in the UFC. Sure Amanda Nunes and Valentina Shevchenko are great champions, but there’s a deficit of talent right now in their divisions.

At strawweight, there’s genuine competition with rising contenders like Andrade and Suarez, as well as Waterson and Kowalkiewicz. Let’s be real: they’re also some of the most marketable fighters on the roster as well. When it comes to selling tickets, that definitely makes a real difference.

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