The Houston Rockets have traded their star point guard Russell Westbrook to the Washington Wizards. In exchange for Westbrook, the Rockets will receive John Wall and a first-round pick.

Westbrook has told the Rockets that he does not want to play with Harden anymore so the Rockets had no choice but to trade Westbrook. John Wall is a proven elite point guard when healthy so it is still a good trade for the Rockets to receive Wall.

Even though the Wizards were not successful in their Wall-Beal era, it was still a good run. The one big obstacle that Wall faced was his injuries so that is a risk Houston has to take.

The question will be if Harden will stay in the Houston Rockets, knowing that Westbrook has been traded. Harden was offered a maximum contract where he was supposed to receive a $50M/year contract but declined due to the team internal disputes.

Prior to their unsuccessful run, both star players were excited to reunite since both went to the Finals in their OKC era but parted ways as Harden was offered a better contract. It proved to be a good move since Harden has carried his team to the Western Conference Finals but fell short.

The rumor is that Harden is looking to join the Brooklyn Nets to form a big 3 with Durant and Irving. But the question is their team chemistry since the 3 players style of playing is usually ball-iso or pick-n-roll.

Team chemistry is more important than star power. It has been proven since the Houston Rockets had 2 former MVPs but still had an ordinary playoff run. The star players should be willing to give their shine to their teammates in order to win.

One of the reasons for the Laker’s successful run was because Lebron was willing to give the spotlight to Anthony Davis.  Even when Durant went to the Golden State Warriors, he was willing to adjust to the Golden State System of play.  Though their downfall was when their chemistry disputes in the end with Green and Durant.

Harden has not yet decided whether to stay or not but it would be safe for his career if he stays. They are still a playoff contender with Wall as their point guard and he is guaranteed the biggest payday if he stays. There is no guarantee of a championship if he went to another team but if that is the risk he is willing to take, then so be it.





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