It seems like champions are falling faster these days than ever before in UFC’s history. With that being said however, even Cody Garbrandt’s recent upset of Dominick Cruz wasn’t a big enough upset to make this list.

For the purposes of this article we used the closing odds before the fight to determine which champions lost their titles to the biggest underdogs. Some of the results here might surprise you. Often odds fluctuate drastically right before a fight. This can be because gamblers might get tipped off that someone is going into the bout injured, or notice something at the weigh-ins that influences how they bet. Regardless as to the reasons why, many of the fights on this list had odds which changed drastically last-minute.

The closing odds used in this article are based on numbers provided by ESPN.

Based on the final closing odds, these are the biggest upsets in UFC championship history…

Brazil’s Fabricio Werdum lands a punch to United States’ Cain Velasquez during a heavyweight mixed martial arts title bout at UFC 188 in Mexico City, Saturday, June 13, 2015. Werdum won the fight by submission. (AP Photo/Christian Palma)

7. Fabricio Werdum (+365) Upsets Cain Velasquez UFC 188

This upset occurred at the famous UFC 188 in Mexico City. Dana White stated that this event broke the record for the amount of fighters vomiting in and out of the cage. Mexico City is at high elevation and some fighters failed to prepare for the change of altitude.

Werdum is a savvy MMA veteran, and he knew to get to the city early and adjust to the climate. Evidently Velasquez was not as concerned with the change in altitude however, and it showed.

When the odds closed, Werdum was a +365 underdog. But that didn’t stop him from locking in the guillotine at 2:13 of the 3rd round, winning the UFC heavyweight championship in the process.

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