There is never a shortage of people who are angry with Dana White. While the media is in a perennial state of conflict with the UFC president, it is the fighters themselves who tend to be the most vocal.

Since WME-IMG bought the company last year, complaints against Dana White and the UFC have only increased. The $4 billion price tag the UFC was sold for has led many fighters to believe they are being under-compensated for their work.

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White’s treatment of Conor McGregor in comparison to other champions is also a source of contention. The UFC President has admitting to showing favouritism to Conor on account of the PPV money he brings in. This doesn’t sit well with the lesser-paid fighters.

Here are 7 fighters who are currently furious with Dana White…

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Tyron Woodley

Tyron Woodley believes himself to be the most poorly treated champion in UFC history. Considering Woodley sat out 1.5 years to receive his title shot and then attempted to duck the #1 contender immediately once he won the belt, it’s hard to blame the UFC for not promoting him much.

Woodley believes the company should be promoting him harder, getting him onto movie sets and attempting to make a star out of him. The UFC has been giving those opportunities to other fighters, so Woodley feels slighted.

Dana White doesn’t have a lot of faith in Woodley, and it shows. He has referred to him as a “drama queen” and was critical of his performance in his rematch with Stephen Thompson.

As of this writing, it is rumoured that Nick Diaz could be Woodley’s next opponent, a fight Woodley has been wanting ever since winning the welterweight championship.

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