Before the UFC was legal anywhere, there were epic underground battles. Not many rules, not a lot of regulation — a place where anyone can fight anyone if they wanted. This is what it was all about.

These unsanctioned underground fights continue on today. Because let’s face it, not everyone can fight. And not everyone can fight in the UFC. There has to be somewhere people can go to throw down, right? Right.

Underground fights provide serious entertainment value

The underground fights — this is where MMA’s most vicious mismatches take place. It’s where 500-pound men can take on scrawny teenagers. It’s where midgets can fight other midgets. And it’s also where a 50-year-old man can take on a young stud and win.

Which happened at an underground promotion called BX Fight Club. A 50-year-old man nicknamed Predator stepped into the ring against a much younger individual named Proteus, who obviously underestimated him.

With a crowd of raucous fans surrounding the ring, the two went to war. They swung for the fences, unloading thunderous lefts and rights. Within moments however,Predator, sporting dreadlocks, had Proteus on the seat of his pants. It became painfully evident who the better fighter was.

YouTube video

Watch a much older guy put the beatdown on a young dude

Dazed and bewildered, the Proteus stood up and tried to shake it off. He went to his corner and tried to act cool, but it was clear Predator was going to be too much for him.

Mike Tyson may be an old man, but you can be damn sure people would respect him on a subway, so why not your average guy?

As soon as the action resumed, Predator landed yet another solid overhand right. Instantly, he was back at it, landed seemingly at will. A monstrous left hook connected and once again sent Proteus crashing down. This time, he was seriously hurt, but like before, he tried to shake it off again.

At this point, Predator was shaking his head as if to tell his opponent not to continue. Knowing he had to finish things quickly, Predator gave it everything he had, connecting on all his punches whilst sending Proteus to the ground face first.

It was all over and the crowd went wild.

Age proverbs:

The mind of man, his brain, and nerves, are a truer index of his age than the calendar… ~Percy Bysshe Shelley, 1822, quoted in Records of Shelley, Byron, and the Author by Edward John Trelawny, 1878

How stunning are the changes which age makes in a man while he sleeps! ~Mark Twain, letter to William Dean Howells, 1887 August 22nd

Spiritual age is determined by the acts which make the mornings and evenings of the soul, and not by the motions of the physical globe. The soul should have its own cycles and revolutions, presenting in turn every portion of its existence to the vivifying influence of the great source of light. ~Henry James Slack (1818–1896), The Ministry of the Beautiful, “Conversation IV: Spring-time on the Western Coast,” 1850

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