OK…so maybe Conor McGregor won’t have such a massive strength advantage…

As they continue their journey to the August 26 clash, all manner of trash talk has come from Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. Sometimes though, words can only say so much.

Earlier this week we saw some images of Conor McGregor looking like an absolute tank. This led to plenty of debate about size and power vs. skill and experience. Quite often, it’s the latter that wins in a fight.

But we’ve seen typically little from Mayweather’s camp until now.

Yes, that’s Conor McGregor literally leaping through the air in sparring…

While McGregor Flies in Sparring, Mayweather Trains The Bag

During two videos released by FightHype.com, we can see Mayweather at the start of his camp for McGregor looking in great shape. Considering he hasn’t fought for two years, ‘Money’ appears to be in excellent condition.

Here’s the first offering, as Mayweather shows off an impressive six pack at the gym:

YouTube video

Not so Old & Fragile?

It certainly looks like the boxing great has been putting in the miles even during retirement. McGregor has commented on his rival looking ‘fragile and old’ during some recent interviews.

The second video, released this week, shows Mayweather throwing ‘rib breakers’ on the heavy bag. He appears to be showing a lot more size, and his arms have a good amount of muscle growth compared to the first vid:

YouTube video

McGregor’s Core Comments

“He’s a small man. He’s in good shape, he’s right, the little bastard does look good for 40. He does look alright for a 40-year-old,” McGregor said. “Floyd is definitely not gonna take the shots, the legs, the body, the stability and the core, it doesn’t support him against this animal”

“His frame is just too small. He’s got a good jab, good lead hook, good check hook, good right hand, good pulls, good dips. In my opinion, his in and outs aren’t good, he’s flat, and against my style, he’ll find himself in trouble.”

Mayweather’s Money Comments

(quotes via MMA Fighting):

“I can do it in 36 minutes — 300 (million) or better in 36 minutes,” Mayweather said. “We’re just being real. Like I said before, I’m not hurting. I’m far from hurting. … I got paper. They talking about Mayweather this and Mayweather that, I’m not hurting. I got mine.”

“I can’t say what the UFC is paying [McGregor], but every month I make millions,” Mayweather said. “So they talk about it, I be about it. I really got it. Y’all not gonna make this in a lifetime.”

“Before we can speak on Floyd Mayweather and speak on, ‘Oh, Floyd Mayweather, he done this and he done that,’ and what he can and what he can’t do, I mean, am I the highest paid athlete out there?” Mayweather said. “And just coming back.”

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