Weight cutting is a high risk method of gaining an advantage in a fight. For those not familiar with how/why fighters drop such huge amounts of weight before hitting the scales, here’s a brief description.

Upper weight limits are set in categories in such sports as boxing, wrestling, mixed martial arts and others. It’s a normal practice for a fighter to have a ‘walk around’ weight, but often they compete in a category far below that number.


The reason for this is so the fighter can have a physical advantage in terms of reach, size, strength or a combination of these factors. Massive dehydration is the method of dropping this weight off to hit the scales to weigh in one day before the fight, taking the human body to it’s physical limits in the process.

Then overnight they rehydrate, coming in to the fight sometimes 30-40 pounds heavier than when they weighed in. The effects of a harsh weight cut can include muscle cramping, severe headache, organ failure or even death.

In honor of the new 8% one week out from the weigh ins rule that starts at UFC 200, here are six fighters that cut very dangerous amounts of weight…

Cris Cyborg

Newly signed UFC prospect and Invicta FC featherweight champion Cris Cyborg Justino cuts ridiculous amounts of weight during fight week. Is reported she’ll be around 168 pounds when she enters the ring against Leslie Smith tonight at UFC 198, having weighed in last night at 139 pounds.


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