Online slots are one of the most popular games of the casino of all time! Over the past few years, online casinos have gained so much popularity that they now dominate the world of online casinos gaming. All over the world, millions of people spin reels of their favorite games almost every day! The fact that the overall revenue generated by online slots is almost equal to any casino’s combined game stream alone proves how popular casinos are today.

In the 1800s, Charles De Fay invented this game which was then played at the gas station only. It has now evolved, centuries later, to become a famous casino game today!

The latest versions of this game are developed by Microgaming and NetEnt, top-notch developers who have transformed this once nonpaying game into an extremely competitive slot game which could help individual win millions!

For beginners who have just now ventured into the world of casino online, we have created a guide to this fascinating game. After all, before you decide to place bets, you must be well informed!

Online Slot Games: How They Work?

Players who have played quite often at the casino will find it much easier to grasp how these online slot games function. The games are based on the same principle. They feature a reel grid with various symbols on them.

Players aim to score the maximum winning combinations, which can help them win a desirable amount. With online slots, you have the additional advantage of getting hold of different kinds of bonuses as well as the game progresses.

Numerous pay lines are hidden behind every online slot. In some games, they can range from1 up to 50, with a pre-designated set of regulations that are based on the maximum and minimum bets that a player is allowed to place. Players who intend to win large sums of money must be aware of these laws and regulations to make the most out of their game.

Besides this set of rules, the game is fairly simple, with players spinning the wheel after placing bets and aiming to win a jackpot!

Terminology of Online Slots

The game is free of any confusion of any kind since the number of terminologies that a player must be aware of is quite small. Such terminologies are the ones that are used most of the time with online slot games. This includes:

Payline: The term represents various patterns of sequences that determine whether any symbol’s winning combination happens.

Scatter: this symbol in lone slot games refers is a distinct sign that might lead to free spins or other bonuses.

Wild: to achieve winning combinations, a wild symbol can be interchanged with other icons. However, it cannot be exchanged with the scatter symbol.

Slot Machine Basics

If you want to learn the basics, here are the key things that you must be acquainted with:


Slot machines are made from a combination of reels. The number of reels on a slot machine is mostly odd. Most machines you will come across will have three reels, but 5, 7, and even nine reels are quite common.

Every reel is made from various symbols, and if the symbols stop and align in a distinct manner, you might end up with a winning combination or pay lines.


A slot machine’s payline is made from rows that go left to right across the reels. Paylines might include the same symbols in each row, or the rows that they are in might fluctuate across the reels. A machine might have either just one or up to 50 pay lines.


The theme of the machine and its symbols are somehow always related. Take the example of an adventure movie theme that might comprise characters, images, or symbols from that movie. On the other hand, a slot machine based on sports will include images that relate to the specific sports theme.

Symbols might have particular properties or functions. This means specific symbols are designated to free spin, scatter, wild, and bonus symbols. Machines might offer specific numbers of free spins based on the number of designated free spin symbols that appear on one turn. Paylines are completed with wild symbols since they can transform into other symbols that are related to the payout table.

For the bonus round, you will require bonus symbols. As for the scatter symbols, they often impact the beginning of bonus rounds or determine whether you can win free spins or not.


On progressive slot machines, if you want to qualify for the maximum payout, you have to place the maximum bet. If you are unable to make the top wager, it might not be incredibly wise to play a progressive.

Players consider how much they can win on one hit, a huge factor. A shot lover can easily be lured by the size of the elusive jackpot. Most of the time, a bigger jackpot makes it less likely for the machine to pay off. This makes it more expensive to play, which makes your bankroll’s size a major factor once again.

Payout Table

Before you start playing any slots game, make sure you are well acquainted with the payout table. It will inform you of the combination of symbols that will lead you to the bonus round or enable you to hit a winning combination or capture free spins. The payout table is also your key to figuring out how much you can win on a specific turn. This is based on the combination of symbols and the amount you bet.

Selecting a slots machine also has a major impact on how much you win and how likely you are to win that amount. But for the most part, make sure you are focused, and how much you are spending, weighed against how much you win. Immediately stop playing once you have spent the amount that you cam to spend. After all, slots can be quite an addicting casino game!

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