WATCH: UFC Fighter Tim Kennedy Reacts To Isis Death Threats On TV

By Salvador Sanchez
WATCH: UFC Fighter Tim Kennedy Reacts To Isis Death Threats On TV

Terrorist group Isis have said they plan to kill UFC fighter Tim Kennedy, so he went on national television to give his reaction. Literally zero f*cks given, what a guy!

The war on terror is a seemingly never ending fight, and has gone from an international threat, to one that’s happening on the mainland at an increasingly alarming rate. As nations wait with heightened states of alert, there’s fear being spread by news channels and governments world wide.

The sad truth is that fear mongers run the planet right now, and terrorism is the latest in a long line of atrocities that can be traced back to Western origins. Our governments created, funded and now make the boogie man out of these Eastern terrorist groups.

Anyway, before we go too far off subject, this is UFC middleweight Tim Kennedy.

Kennedy is a US Army special forces veteran, an expert sniper, and is highly decorated for his valor under fire in combat situations overseas. More recently though, it’s been threats in America that Kennedy has been dealing with.

After a brief back-and-forth over social media with a so-called ‘Isis tough guy’ or ‘douchebag’ as they are better known, Kennedy received word from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to warn him of legitimate death threats from the group of scumbags.

What Kennedy doesn’t know about combat isn’t worth knowing, and he has openly said he carries a concealed firearm at all times.

The arsenal of weapons in his house is such that he could probably start his own army if he wished. Any normal person might freak out at the news a terrorist group wanted to kill them, but Kennedy’s reaction is priceless!

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