Tony Ferguson calls out Nate Diaz for a potential match

A timeline where Tony Ferguson fights Nate Diaz would be a dream. Two fighters who are known for their durability and endurance is a guaranteed banger and a potential fight of the year contender. Ferguson seems interested in fighting Diaz in any weight class he wants whether it is 155lbs or the 170lbs.

It would make sense for both fighters since they are coming off a loss and need a win badly. Ferguson has been a top contender in the lightweight division and went as far as becoming an interim lightweight champion. Nate Diaz however also fought for the lightweight title but fell short against Benson Henderson.

Diaz wanted to have a trilogy match with McGregor ever since back to back clash but McGregor moved on and fought Eddie Alvarez to become the two division UFC world champion. Diaz had no choice but to find other opponents, he has fought Anthony Pettis and Jorge Masvidal after the McGregor clash.

Tony Ferguson is labeled by some fans as the people’s champ since fans think he deserved to fight for the undisputed title. Ironically, Ferguson fought for the interim title twice but never for the the undisputed title. He was on a 12 fight win streak and the Khabib fight was the fight that the fans wanted to see but never did.

Nate Diaz is known for his popularity among the casual viewers after an upset win against Conor McGregor. Even when he fought Anthony Pettis, fan still tuned in to cheer Diaz. The Diaz brothers’ fanbase is massive for the MMA community.

In terms of stylistic matchup, the fight has all the entertainment written all over it. Both Mexicans bang each other and have no quit in him. The word “tired” is not in their dictionary, and they also have granite chin to top it all off.

With the UFC pushing Mcgregor vs Poirier trilogy, Oliveria vs Chandler/Gaethje, it would make sense for the UFC to book this fight. Whether it will be in the lightweight or welterweight division, the fight would still be a fight, fans are excited to see.

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