9. Andrei Arlovski: 6 T(KO)s In 30 UFC Fights

In a career spanning two decades, grizzled heavyweight veteran Arlovski has suffered 10 knockout losses, and 6 of them happened in the Octagon.

Arlovski was actually knocked out by Viacheslav Datsik in his first-ever professional fight. While he got off to winning start in his UFC debut, he then suffered back-to-back TKO and KO losses against Brazilian fighters Ricco Rodriguez and Pedro Rizzo. However, Arlovski would go on an impressive winning streak. He won the heavyweight title before being TKO’d by a Tim Sylvia uppercut in 2006.

Arlovski would eventually move on from the UFC. But then his career threatened to implode after suffering three first-round finishes to strikes in the Affliction and Strikeforce promotions, including an alarming KO defeat against Fedor Emelianenko. With that in mind, it’s impressive that Arlovski managed to reverse his fortunes and fight his way back to the UFC in 2014.

Things went well at first. But between 2015-201,6 he’d lose five fights in a row. Those included three TKOs against Stipe Miocic, Alistair Overeem, and Francis Ngannou. There have long been questions about Arlovski’s chin, especially after so many losses to strikes. But it’s a testament to his longevity that the 40-year-old has since gone seven fights without being stopped.