Over the years the UFC has made a number of signings to the roster that have proven to be highly controversial, from notorious bad boys inside of the cage to shady characters and former criminals outside of it, and in this article we’ll explore 10 of the most notorious examples in the promotion’s history.

Greg Hardy

One of the UFC’s most controversial signings of all-time is undoubtedly that of disgraced former NFL star Greg Hardy.

Hardy gained noteriety in the NFL after he was arrested for assaulting his ex-girlfriend in 2014.

The 6ft 4″, 280lb defensive end had reportedly strangled his partner, threatened to kill her and thrown her across the room during the altercation, which led to him eventually being sentenced to 18 months probation, although the charges were later dropped.

Hardy was also banned for several games by the NFL, but he continued to be a disruptive influence in the dressing room, posted inappropriate message on social media and was also arrested for possession of cocaine in 2016, which led to the Dallas Cowboy’s opting not to renew his contract.

With Hardy essentially exiled from NFL he’s since turned his attention to MMA, and he was soon made his pro-debut on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series despite his troubled past.

Hardy would compile a 3-0 record as part of a UFC development deal before making his official UFC debut in the co-main event of the promotion’s first ever broadcast on ESPN+, but it didn’t end well for the troubled fighter as he was disqualified in the second round for illegally kneeing his downed opponent.

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