Conor McGregor just did exactly what he said he was going to do, and that’s take out former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez easily. When “The Notorious” said Alvarez can’t handle the power of his left hand, he wasn’t kidding.

McGregor, the UFC featherweight champion, battered Alvarez from pillar to post in less than two rounds. The Irishman dropped Alvarez three times in the first, and at least two more times in the second before finishing him off.

Turns out, no matter how tough Alvarez is, he just couldn’t take the heat after all. “Mystic Mac” was right once again.

At this point, McGregor, now two-division world champ, has definitely been immortalized. If you thought his legacy wasn’t set in stone before this fight, there’s no denying it now. The talent is there, the moving between weight divisions is there.

McGregor did everything he said he would, as easy as he said it was going to be. It’s just uncanny how he’s able to predict his own fights. But it’s not really a matter of guessing what’s going to happen in a fight. Everything McGregor does is well-calculated.


So where does McGregor go from here? Well there are a multitude of options. For someone who became the first man to ever hold to UFC belts at the same time however, the options that matter are truly limited.

From here on out, McGregor will be making insane amounts of money, as if he hasn’t already. There are a few super fights that will really make a lot of money for the UFC’s biggest star. Let’s take a look at the Top Five Next Opponents For Conor McGregor.


Jose Aldo

It’s a rematch that was supposed to happen as soon as McGregor stopped Aldo in 13-seconds a year ago. Unfortunately for Aldo, he missed that boat. He assumed Dana White was going to give him an immediate rematch, but that’s just not how it works.

McGregor went a different direction which left Aldo in the dust.

For those who want to see it however, the rematch is still on the table. McGregor has yet to defend the featherweight belt in almost a year. Who better to defend it against than the number one contender?

Aldo would love to get his hands on McGregor and get this win back. And he has his fans who will support him too. I’d be willing to bet Aldo would even accept the fight even if it were held in Dublin.

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