2016 in many ways has already been the biggest year in MMA history: UFC 196 broke records, UFC 202 might surpass those records, UFC 200 was historic, and the UFC itself was sold for $4 billion. No other year on record even comes close to 2016.

2017 just needs to ride the wave of momentum that the sport is currently on, and it will become pretty historic in its own right. There are plenty of huge fights to come over the next year in the sport, many of them continuations of rivalries that begun in 2016.

Of all the possible fights 2017 has to offer, here are the top ten…


10. Conor McGregor vs. Eddie Alvarez

This fight could easily happen later on in 2016, but if it doesn’t it gives us something to look forward to in 2017. Conor has let it be known that at some point he plans on fighting for the UFC lightweight championship, even if it means he never returns to the featherweight division.

Alvarez recently called the UFC 202 main event as “sloppy” and has been critical of Conor. Conor meanwhile has predicted that he would KO Alvarez if the two were ever to fight.

This could easily be the next UFC lightweight championship fight, it’s just a matter of when it takes place.

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