Sylvester Stallone’s Training Regime is Insane… If You Can Do This At His Age Then Things Are Going Well… What An Animal…

Sylvester Stallone is one of those action stars who is destined to be remembered for generations. There are very few actors that have been consistently starring in movies for as long as him – especially in such a physically, demanding genre.

He’s the star of the Rocky series, the Rambo movies, ‘Demolition Man’, ‘Cliffhanger’ and so many more glorious popcorn movies. Stallone recently reprised his role of Rocky Balboa for the Creed series and was even nominated for an Oscar for the first installment in the spin-off series.

Most importantly: he’s still an absolute tank. Arnold Schwarzenegger might want to look away now because Stallone is the scariest old man on the block. Take a look at footage from his Instagram. Very few people reading this will be able to do that workout now. He’s an absolute monster.

Fighting Fit

Stallone is currently preparing for the incredibly physically demanding challenge that is the next installment of Rambo. Yes, it’s 10 years since the fourth film, but Rambo V is on its way and let’s be real: we’re all going to watch and love it.

In the footage above, ‘Sly’ is seen tossing 250lb tires. Let’s put that in perspective: it’s almost 2 Cody Garbrandts folded over and chucked around. That actually sounds like fun. If you’re not inspired by this then there’s definitely something wrong.

Press Ups

If you want to hate yourself even more, here he is doing press-ups. The speed and intensity of Stallone are absolutely phenomenal. Disgraceful really. I’m eating a donut as I write this…

Rambo V has been written by Stallone and is expected to be set in Mexico, where the titular character will go over to Mexico and try to rescue his friend’s daughter from a cartel. Expect lots of carnage.

Injury Record

Obviously, when you become a veteran in the industry – and absolutely no disrespect meant to Stallone there – you become more susceptible to injuries. Stallone has literally broken his neck when he starred in The Expendables. He had to get a metal plate in his neck and was lucky not to break his neck.

He also ended up in a hospital during his early Rocky days, when he told Dolph Lundgren to punch him in the chest. Possibly his stupidest injury was when he tried to save a penalty by Brazilian football legend Pele. Of course, he broke his finger.

Stallone is still an absolute unit.

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