WATCH: Andy Ruiz Melts Anthony Joshua’s Power Punch Record

By Dazzler
WATCH: Andy Ruiz Melts Anthony Joshua’s Power Punch Record

Now He’s Just Rubbing Salt Into the Wounds of Anthony Joshua… Andy Ruiz Jr. Has Just Gone and Beaten the Former Heavyweight Champion’s Power Punching Record… 

Many are calling Andy Ruiz Jr’s Win over Anthony Joshua the biggest shock since Buster Douglas defeated Mike Tyson. Now, it might not have been quite as dramatic and exciting as that crazy night back in 1990, when Douglas was a 40-1 underdog. However, it was still sensational in its own right, as nobody gave Ruiz a real chance.

He proved everybody wrong. After getting dropped in the second round, he rebounded to put Joshua down a sensational four times. In the seventh round, the fight was stopped after the referee judged that the British stud was unable to continue. Ruiz became a four-belt champion of the world in an instant.

Dreams can come through. Many judged him because of his physique compared to Joshua’s Adonis-like build. However, sculpted muscles don’t necessarily cross over to athletic success and many have said that Joshua is too top-heavy. Now Ruiz has beaten Joshua’s power-punching record. The dude is an animal.


The footage above shows the time when Anthony Joshua made an appearance on the UK’s popular Graham Norton Show. AJ was challenged to hit a power-punching machine. He smashed it and made bits of the attempts of Rachel Weisz, Martin Freeman and Greg Davies, who all also had a go. Joshua’s score was very impressive at 848.

Enter Ruiz. The Mexican-American has been compared unkindly to former US journeyman ‘Butterbean,’ but don’t let that soft physique fool you. He’s a beast. The new heavyweight champion appeared on Inside Boxing and took the same challenge with the same brand of machine. Not only did he beat it, but he also did it with a bar of chocolate in his hands. You’ve got to love it.


Don’t let his hefty build fool you, Ruiz is deceptively agile as well. You can see from the footage above that the man is fast. He shows excellent footspeed for such a big man. While he might not be as slick as the likes of a Tyson Fury, he’s tenacious and powerful, in the mould of a Mike Tyson. Joshua made the mistake of engaging with the Mexican instead of keeping him on the end of his jab.

The likes of UFC heavyweight Daniel Cormier show that sculpted muscles don’t translate to cardio and endurance. We’ve seen Francis Ngannou gas out in the past after a round and a half of power punching. Those big heavy muscles fill up with lactic acid, which is not fun when you’re over 240lbs.

Screenshot: Twitter.

Beast Mode

People have been sleeping on Ruiz for a long time. Make no mistake, Joshua had this coming. There have been reports that he was knocked out in training. We’ve seen him caught before. A 40-year-old Wladimir Klitschko knocked him down too after all.

It does remain to be seen how long Ruiz can hold the belts. Is he going to be a one-hit wonder? Or can he retain his new titles? Time will tell.