Be Careful if You Go to a Bar Where Melvin Guillard is Bouncing… You Could End Up Eating a Side of Asphalt Alongside Your Beer… New CCTV Footage Has Been Released of Guillard’s Latest Controversy… 

There was a time where Melvin Guillard was a respected MMA fighter. In fact, you have to go back to 2014 to see his last win, which came against Gesias Cavalcante under the WSOF label. He missed weight for that fight, something that he’s done seven times in his professional career.

Since then he’s gone nine fights without a win – but if he asks Dana White nicely, he’ll probably get a title shot. All joking aside, his talent has been wasted. This is the man who still holds the record for the most knockouts in UFC lightweight history.

Over the past few years, the New Orleans native has been working as a bouncer in various bars. He’s been involved in a couple of crazy incidents throughout that time. Check out Guillard flatlining a bar patron in the CCTV footage below. It’s intense.

YouTube video


This incident happened back on June 15. Guillard was working in the Ginn Mill in Denver when an altercation between him and a patron went down. Apparently, the security team were trying to remove another individual from the bar when this guy and Guillard got into it for some reason.

The footage is grainy, but you can clearly see the end result. Guillard ended up rushing the dude and flatlined him. He hit the ground and was unconscious for about thirty seconds. ‘The Young Assassin’ might be 36 now, but he’s still a savage. That’s definitely not what they teach you in the ‘Bouncing for Dummies’ handbook though. Don’t annoy a deranged former UFC fighter. It’s not going to turn out good for you at all.

YouTube video


Well, it turns out that having a bouncer’s licence doesn’t give you a free pass to batter somebody on the street. Maybe somebody should have told Guillard this before he KOed the dude, but anyway, he found out the hard way. The victim suffered several undisclosed injuries and successfully pressed charges against the former UFC fighter.

Guillard was arrested on felony charges, also pertaining to a separate brawl in September 2018. He fought it and managed to work out a deal with prosecutors. He pleaded guilty to one count of assault of the second-degree. Luckily for him, he managed to avoid jail time and was instead slammed with fines and probation.

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.


The Guillard footage is the latest in a splurge of incidents that have happened involving MMA fighters over the last couple of weeks. Last week BJ Penn was videoed getting slept by a shirtless dude outside the Tiki Bar in Hawaii. A second video went viral of him ground-and-pounding the same guy.

Meanwhile, Conor McGregor was forced to come on ESPN and apologise for his recent behaviour after a clip of him punching an elderly gentleman last April went viral. Why can’t these guys just keep it for the cage?

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