WATCH: UFC Fighter Dissects US Special Forces Soldier

By Dazzler

Carlos Condit is a Striking Beast… The Former WEC Welterweight Champion Might Never Have Hit the Heights he Could Have in the UFC, but He’s Still a Fan-Favourite… This Video is an Oldie, but it’s Still Golden…

If you were to judge Carlos Condit’s career based on his last five fights, you’d wonder what all the hype was about. He’s only got one win in his last seven appearances, with the majority of his losses coming by submission. However, most hardcore MMA fans will tell you that Condit in his prime was one of the most feared fighters on the planet.

‘The Natural Born Killer’ was a WEC welterweight champion and a former UFC interim welterweight champion, and has 28 finishes in his 30 wins. The man was a devastating machine, beating the likes of Nick Diaz, Dan Hardy and current Bellator welterweight champion Rory MacDonald, back in his heyday.

The footage below comes from 2008 when he went to Afghanistan with Michael Bisping to meet the troops and put on some demonstrations. He takes on one over-eager soldier and shows him that there are levels to this game.


Of course, when you put two men in a ring brimming with testosterone, something has got to give. Condit faces off with an over-eager soldier who is surrounded by all his buddies, looking for a bit of mayhem. He asks the professional fighter just how hard they’re going to spar. Condit answers simply:

“Hit me as hard as you want to get hit.”

That’s a pretty badass line.


The soldier takes this as an invitation to go full Super Mario Smash Bros. on Condit’s face. He connects with one hard shot to the cheers and ‘ohhh’s’ of the rest of the soldiers watching on. However, Condit just shakes it off and then lets loose with his own attack.

He’s very slick with perfect timing, landing some punches to the soldier’s head and body, followed by a head kick that puts the soldier down. It doesn’t look like he hit him super hard, but just enough to let the guy know that he’s facing a different level of hand-to-hand combat here. The guy stays down and Condit goes back into the centre of the cage to pay his respects to the troops. It’s all very inspiring stuff.

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.


At the age of 34 and with five straight defeats on his record, it remains to be seen what step Condit takes next in his career. If you keep losing, people forget just how good you were, especially as a new generation of fight fans emerge. The problem Condit never dealt with properly was his inability to adapt to the wrestling game which has become increasingly vital in recent years in MMA.

His last loss came against Michael Chiesa. Most fighters would be cut after two or three straight losses, never mind five. A move to RIZIN or Bellator might be in Condit’s best interests…. that is if he wants to keep fighting at all. It would be a shame if people forgot how good ‘The Natural Born Killer’ really was. He’s like the Donald Cerrone of his day.