The former number 0 point guard of OKC and Houston Rockets will wear number 4. The number 4 is his high school number so he will go back to it.

The most famous player to wear number 0 in the Washington Wizards was called Agent 0. Agent 0 is also known as Gilbert Arenas. Even though Arenas did not end his career as what some would like, no one can take away how good he was in his prime.

Fans always tune in to see Arenas play especially in clutch time because Arenas is always there to save the day.

Westbrook intends to respect Agent 0 by not wearing the said number. Although if he chooses to wear number 0 it is still available since the team did not retire the jersey. It is cool to see Westbrook give respect to the only Agent 0.

The Wizards should consider Gilbert Arenas’s jersey to be retired as he made the Wizards an exciting team to watch and even went to the playoffs.

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