Conor McGregor Sends Death Threat To Jose Aldo, Has He Gone Too Far?

By Salvador Sanchez

The feud between Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo steps up yet again, but has the Irish superstar gone too far this time?

Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor have a year long feud heading in to their UFC 194 title unification match. December 12. couldn’t come quick enough for most fans of mixed martial arts, and the hype has once again built to fever pitch.

McGregor is the one doing most of the trash talking to maintain media attention, but it hasn’t all been one sided. A controversial interview with the Brazilian champion recently heard Aldo promise to ‘seriously injure’ his bitter rival in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jose aldo conor mcgregor

With Aldo’s vow t take McGregor out of the game for good, we are led to speculate even further as to who will be the victor at UFC 194. There can be only one unified champion after that huge PPV event, and the consensus opinion is still split evenly down the middle.

We’re used to hearing somewhat idle threats during the pre-fight stages of big rivalries, it simply helps to build the hype and maintain fan interest while lesser fights and events transpire.


But has ‘The Notorious One’ gone too far this time?

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