The anticipation for the monster pay-per-view UFC 200 card had reached insane levels by the time this weekend got here. Last night (July 9, 2016) fans had finally reached the end of an insane week of news, mostly dominated by Jon Jones.

The removal of the former undisputed light-heavyweight champion due to a failed drug test proved to be one of the most sensational scandals of all time. When it came to UFC 200, Anderson Silva appeared to be a legitimate enough replacement to potentially save the card.

Anderson Silva (right) lands a knee on Daniel Cormier (right) during a UFC 200 main card encounter...
Anderson Silva (right) lands a knee on Daniel Cormier (right) during a UFC 200 main card encounter…

But as we’ve seen time and time again with huge UFC cards in the past, it’s not all about the names on the schedule. Unfortunately for the promotion, this card came at a time when they are up for sale for a whopping $4.2 billion US dollars.

They needed a very strong showing, and with the former and current champions packing out the main card that was looking very likely, at least on paper. But when it comes to entertaining fights, the only thing paper is useful for is scorecards.

Brock Lesnar scores one of multiple takedowns during his decision win over Mark Hunt at UFC 200…

So the massive event that everyone had so eagerly awaited turned out to be a flake, and a pretty big one too. In terms of how UFC 200 stacked up against the last milestone event, UFC 100, it wasn’t even on the radar.

So why was UFC 200 tanking hard enough that fans were booing during the biggest fights of the evening?

Continue to find out why UFC 200 was so damn terrible…

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