Video: Joe Rogan’s Microphone Accidentally Left On At UFC 194

Hear Joe Rogan’s controversial reaction to Jose Aldo at UFC 194 when a microphone was accidentally left on . This could cause trouble…

The world was stunned last night at UFC 194, and we are still dealing with the fallout in the mixed martial arts community. The awesome pay-per-view card saw the belts change hands in the 185 and 145-pound divisions.

Chris Weidman was dominated in the later rounds of his fight with Luke Rockhold, eventually getting stopped by a brutal onslaught from ‘Rocky.’


On to the main event, and the world watched as Jose Aldo took on Conor McGregor for the unification of the featherweight championship title. The fight had been a year in the making, but the result was highly unexpected.

Conor McGregor demolishing Joe Aldo in a hot 13 seconds:

YouTube video

There was plenty of controversy also leading up to this fight, not only because of Jose Aldo’s injury before their first date at UFC 189, but because of a somewhat sketchy drug test that went down in Aldo’s native Brazil.

McGregor proclaimed the former champion was a ‘weasel’ for allegedly delaying a drug test in the summer, and did anyone else think Aldo seemed rather out of character before the lead up to this fight? You aren’t the only ones.


Yep, a microphone was accidentally left on at UFC 194, and there was a conversation that was never meant to be aired that’s now sweeping the internet.

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