A weekend to forget for Matt Brown went from bad to worse earlier today, as he was attacked in the fighter hotel by what was originally believed to be a civilian. It turns out, the attacker was no ordinary civilian but it was Matt Brown’s former Jiu Jitsu coach Rodrigo Botti.

Brown may now regret his decision to incite the Brazilian fans after weighing in with his back to the crowd on Friday afternoon. Brown proceeded to stick his middle fingers up to the crowd after weighing in.


Matt Brown was subsequently hit by three fans on his way to the octagon, the last of which Brown lashed out at with a punch. Brown’s woes didn’t end there though, as ‘The Immortal’ proved himself to be extremely mortal in losing a completely one sided fight to BJJ ace Demian Maia.

The Ohio native must have believed his weekend couldn’t get any worse but if reports coming from Brazil today are anything to go by, it did just that. Click below for more.

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