After failing a post-fight drug test following his defeat of Ken Shamrock at Bellator 138, Kimbo Slice wouldn’t admit to using steroids but did express his belief that older fighters such as himself should be allowed to use a “little extra vitamins” to be able to help them compete. Here’s hoping that “Kimbo Slice Vitamins” are marketed someday.

A few notable omissions from this list require some explaining. Some have reported Josh Barnett as having admitted to using steroids in the past, but he has also denied it so many times that it seems to disqualify any possible previous admissions that may have occurred.

Also Cro Crop did admit to using PEDs, however it was technically human-growth hormone he admitted to.  Lyoto Machida recently admitted that he took a banned substance, DHEA, which can be obtained over the counter and is not a steroid.

Very few fights have openly admitted to using steroids before, but here are 5 that have:

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