2. Mark Hunt Hunt KOs Frank Mir (March 20th 2016)

This might very well have been Frank Mir’s final fight in the UFC.  Mir flunked the post-fight drug test and is facing a possible 2-year suspension.  He has stated he will retire if that is the case.  For Mir, he was pretty much at the end of his career anyway. Having fought for years while receiving an exemption to receive testosterone-replacement therapy which is no longer allowed under the USADA program, Mir likely will never be competitive in the sport again.  He certainly wasn’t competitive against Hunt here.

Mark Hunt went on to lose his next fight to Brock Lesnar, and is not happy at all about Brock’s failed drug tests.  As of this writing Hunt has declared he wants all of Brock’s purse (up from wanting just half of his purse earlier) and is now claiming he wants to start a fighters union.

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