The last decade unquestionably delivered some amazing MMA fights. But it also served up some truly atrocious ones as well. We’ve waded through the archives to bring you the worst of the worst of the last decade.

10. Frank Mir vs. Mirko Cro Cop

This clash of veteran heavyweight stars always had the potential for someone’s lights to be switched out. But for long portions of the fight, it was only the fans watching who were in any danger of being put to sleep.

Cro Cop, in particular, was extremely hesitant to engage, landing just three significant strikes in the opening round and five in the second. Mir was marginally more active but was also happy to indulge in a prolonged staring contest at a safe distance and occasionally clinch against the cage.

The snoozefest continued until the final minute of the round, when Cro Cop attempted to engage, only to get caught with a knee to the chin that felled him with a few more punches sealing the KO victory. But even that felt like scant reward for sitting through the previous 14 minutes. One man who certainly wasn’t impressed was Dana White, who put Mir on blast despite his victory.

“If Frank Mir can’t bully you, his heart shrink’s to the size of the grinch’s,” White told reporters. “If he can’t take you down his heart shrinks to the size of a pea.”

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