9. Alistair Overeem vs. Fabricio Werdum

Werdum had a great gameplan for his Strikeforce Grand Prix quarterfinal with Overeem – avoid his opponent’s dangerous striking at all costs by dropping to the mat and luring him into grappling exchanges. Meanwhile, Overeem had come up with an equally ingenious plan to avoid his opponent’s dangerous grappling at all costs by avoiding going to the mat with him as his life depended on it.

Throw in the fact that neither fighter appeared to have even a remote hint of a ‘plan B’ and you have the recipe for an excruciatingly tedious fight. Werdum attempted to pull guard and flopped to the mat. He motioned to Overeem to join him, only to have his offer refused. He would get back to his feet and then go through the whole process again soon afterward.

In fact, Werdum did this so many times that by the final round he was visibly tired from having to get back up off the mat so many times, but Overeem did little to capitalize on it. This left the judges with a tough decision, presumably giving careful consideration to Overeem air-strikes vs. Werdum’s butt-scoots, before declaring ‘The Reem’ the winner.