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Gary “Big Daddy” Goodridge KO Paul Herrera

First of all, much respect to the big guy, one of the pioneers of MMA. “Big Daddy” Gary Goodridge really gave his life to the UFC, beginning with a classic performance at UFC 8, and a spectacular finish that will last forever.

Goodridge, in Gi, needed only 13 seconds to completely dismantle Paul Herrera in probably the most memorable knockout ever.

Wasting absolutely no time at all, Goodridge took Herrera’s back, immediately looked for the Crucifix. With Herrera’s right arm trapped between his legs, and the other arm completely under control, Herrera was rendered unable to defend himself for what was to come.

Goodridge rained down a series of right elbows straight to Herrera’s temple, knocking him unconscious. Big John had no choice but to call it off and save Herrera from more punishment. It remains to this day one of the fastest knockouts in UFC history.

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