Anderson Silva KO Vitor Belfort

For many, Anderson Silva is and will always be the greatest MMA fighter of all time. He’s certainly earned his chops, no doubt, even if today he’s nowhere near the form he was in a good four years ago.

Yet during his remarkable run in the UFC’s middleweight division, Silva pulled out one of the sickest knockouts in the promotion’s history.


Opponent Vitor Belfort was supposed to be his toughest test, and at the time, many fans and observers actually picked Belfort to win by upset. But Silva just wasn’t having it.

After toying with Belfort a little bit, forcing him to become uncharacteristically timid, Silva picked up the pace. Belfort tried his best to stay calm, but slowly, Silva lulled his defense to sleep. In a quick, fluid motion, Silva threw a push kick but instead of the usual target (push kicks are usually aimed at the midsection), Silva went straight for the jugular.

Belfort went down and it was over.

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