Cheick Kongo KO Pat Barry

There’s just something about Cheick Kongo that screams bad intentions when you first get a glimpse of him. He’s six foot four and 234 pounds of pure muscle, it surely comes as no surprise that he has 12 spectacular knockouts out of his 24 total victories.

Rarely is he ever on the losing end of a highlight-reel knockout. But against the lumbering Pat Barry at UFC Live 4, he came very close to getting slept, almost succumbing to a volley of powerful blows that would have put down lesser men.

It started with a big right hand from Barry that toppled the taller Kongo. With no legs beneath him, Kongo struggled to recover from the monster punch he just got clobbered with. Barry continued the onslaught and Kongo just sat there taking each and every shot on the noggin’ and then some.

Referee Dan Miragliotta could have stopped it there (but let’s get serious here, it’s Dan Miragliotta), he let the action continue. Kongo made it to his feet but yet another right hand from Barry landed right on the temple, sending him down again. It was at this moment that Kongo knew he was in trouble, he had to muster all his strength if he was going to survive this.

In one of the most epic displays of guts and heart, Kongo put everything he had into a single right hook and dropped Barry like a sack of potatoes. Unlike he was just a few moments ago, Barry was completely out. Miragliotta was like, ‘Whaaaaaat.’

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