Anderson Silva KO Forrest Griffin

You want to talk about dramatic knockouts? Then we have to start with none other than ‘The Spider’ Anderson Silva. There really is no fighter in the world quite like him.

The closest reincarnation so far seems to be Bellator’s undefeated welterweight Michael ‘Venom’ Page but he hasn’t fought anyone notable and it’s still too early in his career to tell if will amount to anything at all even.

Silva was and in some ways still is in a class of his own. You see, in his prime, Silva lived in the Matrix. Everyone else was just a half-second slower and he could see and predict movements before an opponent makes them.

It sounds absurd, but I’m convinced to this day that this was true.

There is no better display of this uncanny ability to read an opponent than that memorable night against Forrest Griffin at UFC 101. Silva was already on a terrific nine-fight win streak by the time he stepped into the cage against Griffin, who was one of the most loved fighters at the time.

It seems every punch Griffin threw, Silva would know exactly how to evade and counter it. It was almost as good as watching Neo beat Agent Smith for the first time.

Silva literally ran Griffin out of the cage and out of the arena.

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