BJ Penn

BJ Penn

Number one on this list is the legendary Hawaiian slugger, BJ Penn. Get this, the image of BJ Penn licking Diego Sanchez’ blood off the back of his gloves will live on in infamy. This guy was just plain nuts.

Penn is an animal. He’s one of the UFC’s most loved fighters for his do-or-die style of fighting. You just can’t beat the guy down. “The Prodigy” has lost a total of 10 times, which includes three knockout setbacks, but they came against two equal legends in Georges St-Pierre and Matt Hughes. His most recent knockout loss, a third round TKO to Frankie Edgar in 2014, came at the tail end of his career and when he was merely a shell of his former self.

Penn is only one of two guys in history to hold a UFC title in two different weight divisions. He’s one of the most talented fighters ever and his legacy is etched in stone. There is also no doubt that Penn has the hardest chin in UFC history. Despite three knockout losses, he was never truly stopped.

Against Hughes, Penn seemed more exhausted than actually hurt and against GSP, Penn lost via corner stoppage. He didn’t quit, his corner had to do it for him.

That’s the thing with Penn, if you don’t pull him away from a fight, he will fight to the death. Being the hardest guy in UFC history will forever be Penn’s legacy.

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