Nate Diaz

Is there anything left to say about Nate Diaz? It seems, the more this guy gets hit, the more he goads his opponent into a fight (this goes for both Diaz brothers by the way). But Nate is something special. He basks in the elements of a real fight.

He just loves it. I honestly think this guy loves getting hit, if only to be prove to himself and to everyone watching that he’s just a really tough dude.

There’s just an uncanny and special fiber in a fighter who can walk an opponent down with a smile before unloading a series of combinations. Nate has this quality. Out of 10 losses, he’s only lost once by knockout — to Josh Thomson who homed in a vicious head kick before unleashing several punches.

In more recent memory, Nate took a welterweight Conor McGregor’s best shots and it still wasn’t enough to put him down. We all know how that fight turned out.

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