3. Conor Bottle Throwing Incident

We didn’t hear much from Conor McGregor in the build-up to UFC 202, at least not as much as we heard from him leading up to UFC 196. There wasn’t a lot of talking Conor could do of course, having lost to Nate the first time they met. No matter what verbal gems Conor would unleash, Nate would always be able to counter him by saying “I made you tap”.

But in a pre-UFC 202 press conference in Las Vegas things really escalated quickly. Conor was a half hour late, and Diaz (either one) is not one to be shown up. So the only way for Nate to really counter would be to leave the press conference early. This would send the message that Conor was not running the show. So Nate’s crew left early and Conor lost his mind.

The result was Conor throwing water bottles everywhere, and the video going as viral as anything in MMA ever has.

YouTube video

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