2. Conor vs Nate I: UFC 196

Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz at UFC 196 broke records. 1.5 million buys, only falling short of UFC 100 in terms of purchases, but because PPV’s cost more now than they did back then, UFC 196 earned more revenue.

All for the featherweight champion taking on a popular lightweight contender in a bout at 170lbs and no title on the line. The odd booking of the fight was the result of Raphael Dos Anjos having to pull out of a planned lightweight title defence against Conor.

Nate Diaz is literally the worst type of opponent for Conor: a guy who has cardio for days and an iron chin. Conor hit Nate with everything he had, but Nate kept coming forward. In the 2nd round Conor gassed, got tagged, panicked, went for an ill-advised takedown and was tapped out moments later.

Unlike Ronda Rousey, who disappeared following her big surprising loss, Conor immediately wanted back in there against Nate.

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