The humble knockout is a beautiful thing when done right. The way a fighter has the ability to deliver a single shocking blow to the head and completely render his opponent temporarily unconscious is both chillingly brutal and uniquely scientific.

Through the years the UFC has been the world’s most prominent Mixed Martial Arts promotion, there have been a number of memorable big-game punchers in its brief historical existence thus far.


As MMA as a sport develops, and techniques increase in diversity and complexity, fighters like Conor McGregor, Stephen Thompson and Dominick Cruz are introducing game-changing new ways of fighting. As such, fighters who enter the cage simply looking to knock someone’s head clean off are dwindling by the number.

It’s always going to be tough when heroes of yesteryear begin leaving the game for retired life, as most of the incredible athletes on this list have either retired or are close to retirement. But let’s take a moment to celebrate their brain-jolting achievements.

Here are the Top Seven Heaviest Hitters in UFC History.


Mark Hunt

“The Super Samoan” Mark Hunt isn’t exactly the most charismatic fighter around, he is a man who does not like to exchange pleasantries inside or outside the cage. That’s all and good, because when you’re the big, bad Mark Hunt, you don’t need to speak a single word to grab attention. You let your fists do the talking for you.

Hunt sports a 75% knockout ratio, having stopped nine opponents out of 12 career wins. Some of the guys he beat are equally as daunting — fighters like Frank Mir, Bigfoot Silva, Roy Nelson and Cheick Kongo.

He has become known for the “walk off KO” because after Hunt smashes an opponent, they rarely ever get up.

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