Boxing champion in multiple weight divisions, perhaps the best of our era, Floyd Mayweather is teasing another big comeback. After news broke earlier today, ‘Money’ released a clip showing blistering speed…

Floyd Mayweather is training awfully hard for someone who is supposed to be retired. The truth is, however, Floyd has more reasons to come out of retirement now than he did 2 years ago.

Floyd retired in 2015 after his bout with Andre Berto. The win pushed Floyd’s record to 49-0. He would only come out of retirement to take on Conor McGregor and receive the payday attached to a fight with him.

Floyd’s motivation for retiring after the Berto fight was obvious. Coming on the heels of his lacklustre and poorly received performance against Manny Pacquiao, his bout with Berto did not draw well on PPV. The ironically titled fight card, “High Stakes”, only garnered 400,000 buys. It was the lowest drawing Mayweather fight in close to a decade.

The bout’s poor PPV performance led many to beleive the Pacquiao fight had drastically reduced Floyd’s drawing ability. The fight with Conor confirmed this not to be the case, however.

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How Much Did Floyd Make off the Fight with Conor?

Some experts are estimating Floyd Mayweather made as much as $300 million off his fight with Conor. Others, however, are suggesting that is an inflated number. All the same, it’s fair to say Floyd made off with a lot of money for one night’s work.

The impressive buyrate for the fight with Conor seemed to completely wipe away the stink that was left on Floyd and boxing as a result of the ill-received bout with Pacquiao. All of a sudden, Floyd’s team has no reason to believe another bout would do as poorly as his bout with Berto did.

Floyd Goes to China (and receives $3 million)

According to Floyd, he got paid another $3 million recently just for going to China.

While it is not uncommon for celebrities to be financially enticed by a government into visiting their country, a $3 million payday for doing so certainly sounds like an elaborate offer. Floyd visiting the country and posting shots of it on his Instagram is a great promotional tool for their tourism, however.

“Here in Beijing, China at “The Great Wall Of China”, considered to be one of the greatest Wonders of The World!” he wrote. “It’s always been on my list of places to see throughout my travels in life however, timing is everything. Coming here with 23 people has been a great experience and it doesn’t hurt to get paid $3,000,000. to simply visit and vacation here in luxury for a few days. With money this long, everything is different. I move different, I dress different and I live different because my money is extremely different! i want to thank my cousin @dejuanblake and his @affiliationmanagement company for putting this all together.

Check out video of Floyd sparring below:

Floyd Training for Comeback

Based on the above video, there is no reason Floyd couldn’t come back for another big payday. The question then becomes, who will his opponent be?

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