Right now virtually the entire world is trying to come to terms with the most disruptive natural disaster in decades due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, as you’ll read in this article for some MMA fighters this is not the first time they have faced up to a natural disaster, as we look at 10 stars who have managed to survive through everything from deadly earthquakes and hurricanes through to tsunami’s and wildfires.

Chris Weidman

Chris Weidman and his family were braced for the impact of Hurricane Sandy in 2012 at their home in Baldwin, New York after laying sandbags outside and sealing up their garage, but even hours before high-tide there was already water rising up his front lawn and people using canoes on the street, which had by this stage become a river.

Weidman’s wife and kids were safely away by this stage, but the UFC fighter and his cousin stayed behind to look after the house and the dock behind it, and it wasn’t long before their worst fears were realized as water started to flood into the garage and the 3 feet of crawlspace below them.

The two began trying to rescue as much as they could from the garage and take it to higher ground in the house, while having to wade through several feet of water, only for the flooding to then start seeping into the home and even rise up through the floor and pipes.

During the night they also had to brave the storm outside as they cut down parts of trees that was threatening to fall onto the house and dock.

Much of Weidman’s home and property were left badly damaged as a result of the sea water, though thankfully he did have flood insurance, and luckily a huge win over Anderson Silva the following year he was left much better off financially and was able to eventually move to a new home.

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