At UFC 205 it will be Conor McGregor’s sixth fight in the last two years. He has had 17 fights in the last 6 years. He has been an active fighter in other words. Though one has to wonder how long the 28-year old can keep up this pace.


Further speculation is cause for some concern for Conor’s supporters, most notably Dana White’s comments about a possible leg injury the featherweight champ has been dealing with. White commented that one hold up regarding putting the Alvarez vs. Conor fight together in time for the MSG show, was that Conor was dealing with a leg injury stemming from his UFC 202 bout with Nate Diaz.

Reports were that Conor was seen on crutches later that evening, though his camp insisted his leg was fine. Sure enough Conor was said to be back in training a week after beating Diaz. Rumours that Conor may be less than 100% for UFC 205 gives some people a reason to believe Alvarez could come out the winner.

Conor McGregor has faced bigger challenges than Eddie Alvarez in the past before however, and smart money says that Conor ends this fight via KO.

Here are 5 reasons why Conor knocks Eddie Alvarez out…


5. Eddie Alvarez is a Weak Champion

Conor’s comments that Alvarez should just feel blessed to be on the card is not without some merit. Eddie Alvarez is one of the weaker champions in the history of the division.

His victory over Raphael Dos Anjos was literally his first victory in the UFC that wasn’t a split-decision win. His first fight he lost to Donald Cerrone, his second fight he barely squeaked out a split-decision victory over Gilbert Melendez, a guy who has lost 4 of his last 5 fights. His 3rd fight in the UFC he squeaked out another split-decision victory over Anthony Pettis, and was given a title shot out of lack of other challengers more than anything else.

Alvarez’s victory over Dos Anjos was literally his first non-controversial win since he defeated Patricky Freire in Bellator 4 years ago! He hasn’t exactly been dominant in his rise to the top of the lightweight division.

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