3. Conor’s Movement

Conor is quicker and more elusive than Eddie is. That is not to say that Eddie isn’t quick also, but Conor is exceptionally agile.

Conor moves a lot and is very active while standing, which is also why he tends to gas out mid-way through the 2nd round. For as much ridicule as “movement coach” Ido Portal receives, it is entirely possible that he has been beneficial for Conor’s stand-up game.

You may have first heard of Ido Portal, when Nate Diaz referred to him as the “dork in a ponytail” that Conor was “playing touch-butt in the park” with. Nate evidently watched some of Ido Portal’s videos which often feature Conor McGregor running through some rather bizarre “movement drills”.

YouTube video

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