Conor McGregor is the UFC featherweight and lightweight champion. He is the first man in the organization’s history to hold two UFC title belts simultaneously. Just last week, he stopped former champion Eddie Alvarez within two rounds to capture his second title.

Floyd Mayweather is widely considered this era’s greatest professional boxer. The Las Vegas native from Grand Rapids, Michigan is a perfect 49-0. He has never come close to defeat throughout his professional boxing career. His defense is practically impregnable.

They are the two best fighters in their respective sports. So you can imagine, that when Mayweather mentioned McGregor’s name as one of those he would like to fight coming out of retirement, it was huge news.


Boxers and MMA fighters have competed before, both atop the boxing ring and inside the MMA cage. Yet never have two elite fighters like Mayweather and McGregor accomplished the feat. When you reach a certain level in any combat sport, the gap in talent just becomes too wide.

Despite the fact that McGregor is naturally a fighter and that boxing is an integral component of MMA, no one really actually believes the Irishman could be competitive in a boxing match against a legend like Mayweather.

Yet this is a fight, and in a fight, things happen. Who knows? The stars could align and set McGregor up with an unprecedented victory. Let’s examine Four Reasons Conor McGregor Can Beat Floyd Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Mayweather’s Age

As in any combat sport, no matter how predictable things can get, anything can happen in a real fight. Mayweather is very close to hitting the ripe old age of 40. Since boxing is a young man’s game, Mayweather continuing to fight at this stage in his life is literally a risk each time out.

In boxing, 40 is way past the retirement age. Mayweather, who appeared fresh in his supposedly last bout against Andre Berto in 2015, runs the risk of turning old overnight. Yes his lightning quick reflexes seem to still be intact, as well as his vaunted Philly shell defense.

However, the older a fighter gets, the more his attributes begin to fade. As they say in boxing, the only undefeated fighter is “Father Time”. Mayweather is no exception. After more than a year away from the ring, Mayweather may find it challenging to return to the level he was once at.

McGregor, just 28-years old, can obviously capitalize on this because youth will be on his side.

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