Ten UFC Fighters Who Were Robbed By The Judges


Johny Hendricks vs. Georges St. Pierre UFC 167

There are some crazy backstories to this fight. First of all, the fight was a ball of controversy even before both guys stepped in the cage. GSP had offered to pay for advanced drug testing for both he and Hendricks, to which Hendricks politely declined. Now in the USADA drug testing era Hendricks can’t win a fight or grow a beard, so that tells you pretty much all you need to know about that.

Also complicating matters here is that GSP is rumoured to have worked out a plan with his camp to take a break away from fighting after the fight and allow his Tristar teammate, Rory MacDonald, to take over the division. Basically giving Rory a chance to fight for a title that Georges was going to vacate. That rumour can’t be confirmed, as only GSP can say for sure, but Joe Ferraro, an MMA journalist in Canada and friend of GSPs, was tweeting all night that if the “stars aligned” there would be a big announcement. After Rory was defeated by Robbie Lawler earlier that night (their first fight), Ferraro tweeted out that the stars were not in alignment. So whatever announcement was going to take place got cancelled whenever Rory lost.

Georges still announced time away after the fight however, which Dana White was not pleased about.

Not a lot of people believe that GSP won this fight, and certainly his face didn’t indicate he won either. It comes down to how you score the 1st round, which looked like Hendricks won, but evidently 2 of 3 judges didn’t see it that way.