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‘Skippy’ vs. UFC Stars

Comedian Ed Bassmaster completely fooled Dana White when he went undercover as his mentally challenged, but loveable alter-ego ‘Skippy’ in order to conduct a painfully awkward interview with the UFC president.

While in character alongside White, Skippy would frequently tell the camera he was “behind the scenes” with the UFC President getting footage for his podcast, only to then become tongue-tied and quickly run out of things to say.

Rinse and repeat and it lead to some hilariously awkward moments between White and Skippy, though the UFC boss did his best to help out his struggling interviewer rather than make fun of him.

When Bassmaster finally revealed it was all just a prank, White was so amused by it that he invited the comedian to come to the UFC’s next big event as ‘Skippy’ to see how many other stars of the promotion he could fool.

YouTube video

Skippy took it to the next level “behind the scenes” at UFC 133 as he held out an imaginary microphone to interview the likes of Lorenzo Fertitta and Tito Otiz (who both looked expectionally uncomfortable), Mat Serra (who were clearly amused), Octagon girl Chandella Powell (who was sweet) and Rashad Evans (who adorably took Skippy under his wing).

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